The Secret..

Imagine yourself to be a magnet, then see the law of attraction working… everywhere. If you really dream of achieving something, really want to be the one whom you admire then think about that positively .Then see the law of attraction working .It is working everywhere . Some of the magnificent stories we see around us are all achieved by those who have understood this … Continue reading The Secret..

What it really feels to be abused?

Groping someone here and there,molesting some one,harrassment..there are many names but the pain is countless.The abuser thinks of it to be a time pass or something to satisfy their wildly growing orgasm😡.. It can be anything that makes them do this evil to someone. But these harassment left a never healing scar and wound on the person’s soul.They can never be healed.Evertime someone just tries … Continue reading What it really feels to be abused?